The 1966 movie ‘Grand Prix’, directed by the late John Frankenheimer, was one of the greatest motor racing movies ever made. For many it was a glimpse of the international world of Formula 1 racing. Leading actor James Garner, already a racing enthusiast, immersed himself into the role of Pete Aron. Stints with the then still active F1 Bob Bondurant, and also Jim Russell, prepared him for many of his ‘real on-track’ scenes. One example was the Brands Hatch ‘fireball’, which left him bruised and with a cancelled insurance policy. Close to 40 years on, this film is still a great and historically significant racing movie. ‘Grand Prix’ has stood the test of time.

Overall Size:
840mm x 630mm (approx)
Limited Edition:
Signed by:
James Garner